Fema Master Agreement

The FEMA Administrator noted that, given the unprecedented nature of COVID-19 and subsequent response requirements, there are conditions that pose a direct threat to national defence and its preparation programs. A future pandemic or resurgence of COVID-19 will also threaten national defence and its preparedness programs. For this reason, after consultation with the Federal Trade Commission, FEMA sought and obtained the Attorney General`s authorization to begin consultations with representatives of manufacturers, suppliers and distributors of personal protective equipment, medicines and other critical medical and medical resources in order to conclude a voluntary agreement within the Data Protection Authority. The objective of such an agreement is to maximize the effectiveness of the distribution of critical medical and medical resources at the federal level in response to pandemics in general and COVID-19 in particular, by establishing a unit of effort between contract participants and the federal government for integrated coordination, planning, information exchange and distribution of critical medical resources. With respect to the participants in the agreement, the agreement would define the conditions and procedures under which participants voluntarily agree to provide capacity to produce and distribute health and medical resources, as requested by FEMA and other federal government authorities. (2) Second, FEMA`s objective is to obtain technical advice from participants in the meetings on the scope and content of the draft agreement. FEMA proposes that the voluntary agreement include: the provision of technical advice; The collective exchange of information Identifying and validating the most necessary places and resources for medical resources; Projecting future allocation requirements collective identification and management of the allocation of limited resources to all public and private national needs; Providing information about suppliers, producers and distributors and the inclusion of all other collective measures necessary to maximize the timely national distribution of health and medical resources needed to respond to a pandemic. FEMA invites stakeholders to assess the above objectives and invites stakeholders to make additional recommendations on the objectives of the voluntary agreement. On May 21, 2020, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) will hold a conference call and webconference to develop a voluntary agreement under Section 708 of the Defense Production Act to ensure national defense by maximizing the effectiveness of the distribution of critical medical resources across the country to respond to pandemics in general and to COVID-19 in particular.