Fort Erie Community Living Collective Agreement

Resilience (Level 4) you show an ongoing commitment to performing long-term routine tasks while dealing with your own stress. They stick to all tasks, although they experience frequent and/or repeated refusals/frustrations throughout the process. They maintain positive behaviour and a high level of self-motivation, regardless of the circumstances, while ensuring that service providers, agencies and community partners continue to provide the agreed level of service. PURPOSE OF POSITION: Under the General Management`s direction and as a participating member of the team, Support Worker II will play a leadership role in directly assisting people facing intellectual challenges that are supported on their respective sites. Support staff will encourage all those supported by this agency to meet their needs and goals, resulting in enriching experiences of friendship, independence and community inclusion. The support collaborator displays a positive approach in all interactions. All of these supports are provided as part of a personalized support plan and are consistent with the association`s objective and guidelines, as well as all relevant rules, regulations and legislation. -all proposals that would proactively promote health and safety in the work environment or within CL-FE Creative Problem Solving – Decision Making (Level 3) interrupt problems in smaller components, identifying differences, trends and contexts in the data. Recognizes and acts on cause-and-effect relationships, while problems are divided into categories. Look behind the face value of a number of facts; Includes some of the less obvious implications, while using their knowledge and/or experience to understand and solve problems. Cooperation (Level 3) encourages and strengthens by recognizing others who have performed well to feel strong and important.

Shows your own commitment to important initiatives by actively contributing to a team`s efforts and saluting the contributions of other team members. Can quickly advise and support new team members to help them learn, and help them encourage their efforts if they are discouraged. Interpersonal relationships – respect (level 3) effectively use empathy when seeing things from another person`s point of view. Takes a careful reading of the atmosphere to predict exactly how individuals and groups will react, and adapts its approach accordingly. Determines and uses the best response to calm an irate, angry or excited person who may find themselves in a stressful situation and sincerely take care of what people are going through. Systematically adapts their behaviour to improve relationships and works well in collaboration with others, showing tact, cooperation, sensitivity and respect for the opinions and situations of others and their culture. Uncommon: Unaided Lift objects up to 30 lbs. (i.e. furniture/boxes).

Promoting independence in others (Level 3) – delegating routine tasks to individuals or employees, while showing confidence in recognizing and recognizing that others have the skills and skills to achieve the goals. Helps others move from responsibility during follow-up to ensure tasks are successfully completed and, if necessary, provide feedback. Local 1317 – Niagara Catholic District School Board Local 2328 – Family and Children`s Services Niagara – Note that a criminal record can affect your employability in this agency. SW 1`s health and safety tasks include, but are not limited to the transmission of people, assistance available if necessary. -Working in accordance with the provisions of the OHS Act and regulations that advocate for others (Level 3) Adapts a presentation or discussion to address the interest and amount of others.