Readmission Agreement Eu Georgia

3. Reasons for rejecting an application for readmission must be recorded in writing. Without prejudice to the right of the competent authorities to recover from the person or third parties the costs related to readmission, all transport costs related to readmission and transit operations under this agreement are covered by the requesting State up to the border of the final destination state. 4. Georgia or a Member State may revoke any authorisation issued in the event of subsequent circumstances covered by paragraph 3 that impede transit or if the continuation of the journey or readmission by the destination state to any transit states is no longer assured. In this case, the requesting state withdraws, if necessary and without delay, the third country national or the stateless. 1. The contracting parties agree with each other to implement and interpret this agreement. To this end, they set up a joint readmission committee (`committee`), which includes: (i) the State (Georgia or one of the Member States) which makes an application for readmission in accordance with Article 7 or a request for readmission in accordance with Article 14 of this agreement; The contracting parties take note of the close relations between the European Union and the Republic of Iceland and the Kingdom of Norway, notably under the agreement of 18 May 1999 on the association of these countries in the implementation, application and development of the Schengen acquis. In these circumstances, Georgia should conclude a readmission agreement with the Republic of Iceland and the Kingdom of Norway under the same conditions as this agreement.

4. A request for readmission may be made on any means of communication, with the exception of electronic means. 3. Without prejudice in paragraph 2, the requesting State may apply for readmission within two days of the arrest of an application for readmission (accelerated procedure) if a person has been apprehended in the border region (including airports) of the requesting state after illegally crossing the border directly from the required state territory.