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Thus he appointed a historian with a mature knowledge of literature and the history of art and the solid roots of sociology and politics, to show the ladies and masters of the worlds of psychology that outside their laboratories and beyond the field of empirical research, inspired and intelligent people also work to give structure to reality. 12. Third-party accommodation. You have the right to remotely install and use one or more SNL versions of the offer on computers operated by an established and serious third-party provider, and to designate a service provider that operates the hardware and manages the offer exclusively for you and on your behalf; (i) However, this authorization applies only to SNL versions of the Offer, (ii) only authorized users are entitled to use the offer; (iii) You have a written agreement with this service provider in which the service provider agrees that its access to the offer should be reserved exclusively for the purpose of providing the above-mentioned services and, moreover, subject to all the restrictions and restrictions contained in this Agreement. and (iv) such a service provider is not a competitor to DS or an affiliate. You recognize and accept that the service provider is considered your representative. If you are aware of any real or suspicious access, use or disclosure of the offer, you must immediately terminate the service provider`s access to the offer. They defend and compensate DS against any claim, expense, judgment, damage or loss (including reasonable legal fees) that relate to such a provider`s access to the offer or use of the offer. Question 3: How do you ensure that your rights are not released in a situation where an agreement is no longer possible? During the first five semesters, solid theoretical bases and practical skills are taught in the essential subjects inorganic and analytical chemistry, organic and biochemical chemistry and physical and theoretical chemistry (39 LP each).

(link) creates the ideal platform for the presentation of this new content thanks to its position in the market, thanks to the strong customer base and in particular by the confidence that users have in the quality of the offer,” Michael Fried, Director of The Media and Internet sector at Telekom Austria, is convinced of the success of the cooperation. E. Exemption from intellectual property. DS will defend you against any claims made by a third party that an offer made under this Agreement infringes copyright in a country or patent of the United States, Japan or a member state of the European Patent Organization, and will bear any costs, damages and expenses (including reasonable legal fees) that have been awarded to you by a competent court or to which a written transaction agreement signed by DS such a claim. , i) if you immediately inform DS in writing of the application and (ii) DS which controls the claim`s defence and all related transaction interviews, and allows for appropriate cooperation in the defence and resolution of the claim.